where our honey comes from!

Laura with the bees Photo credits: Randee Daddona

Bees and Honey

Blossom Meadow honey is raw, unfiltered and all natural artisanal honey. Raw honey means that it is not exposed to heat above 110°F, ensuring that the honey’s beneficial enzymes and vitamins are intact. Unfiltered honey means that the honey contains little bits of pollen and propolis. Doctors, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, continue to assert that taking a teaspoon of local honey a day greatly helps to alleviate allergy symptoms (i.e., you are inoculating yourself with a bit of the local pollens each day to better cope with the onslaught of outdoor allergens). Many have called personally to affirm this! Using sticky resin from trees and plants, bees produce propolis to seal their hives. Propolis has been found to have many antibiotic properties.

Raw honey will crystallize and turn solid in a shorter time than processed store-bought honey, which is super heated and heavily filtered. While heat destroys the delicate flavors, useful enzymes and overall character of the honey, it does prolong the liquid state of the honey for years. Blossom Meadow honey is typically liquid for six months but how soon honey crystallizes ultimately depends on the floral sources and the storage environment. Honey never spoils and crystallized honey can be reliquified by heating the container in a warm water bath or a warm oven at 100°F (microwaves are not a good idea).


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