The Company

The Bee Keeper
Founder of Blossom Meadow, Laura Klahre  Photo credit: Randee Daddona

Okay, this may sound odd but in 1997 I had a dream that I was a beekeeper. That was it for me! After reading books and apprenticing for other beekeepers, I found the gusto to keep one hive. All those bees flying around me that first Spring morning – I burst into tears of happiness – my dream was coming true! Fast forward quite a few years and with pug Beasley by my side, I incorporated my business Blossom Meadow in 2009.  At one point, my hives swelled to 100 (upwards of eight million bees) and I managed additional hives for other folks.

Fast forward to today… While honeybees and their plight has been well publicized by the media, the role of native pollinators in our natural world is less widely recognized. Wild bees are pollinating superheroes. Because of how they fly and how they collect pollen, wild bees pollinate 2-3 times better than honeybees. Native bees should be embraced and nurtured!! This realization has shifted the focus of my farm and my entire life.  In 2015, I gave a TEDx talk entitled How to Increase Food Production by Using Native Pollinators – where I make the case for why native bees should have our full attention. While I still keep a few dozen hives of honeybees, my energies are now mainly focused on raising mason bees and other native pollinators.

Please come visit our new store in Cutchogue located at 31855 Main Road (just east of the King Kullen Shopping Center). Blossom Meadow shares the space with the winery Coffee Pot Cellars (my husband Adam!).