Mason Bee Cocoons

Mason Bees hibernate in cocoons during the winter! Jump start your bee ranching efforts by purchasing cocoons through Blossom Meadow Farm. Reserve your cocoons now and pickup will be sometime in April/May. Our mason bees happily live amongst the wildflowers and fruit trees on the North Fork of eastern Long Island, New York. Since we raise the mason bees, they are adapted to New York’s climate and conditions (i.e., local genotype).

Mason Bee Boy, Just Hatched Out
Mason bee cocoons differ in size depending on whether they are male or female. Female cocoons are larger as eggs take up more space in their bodies. Mason bees hatch out of their cocoons when the weather hits 50 degrees for three days or more. Males hatch out first and the females a few days later (up to two weeks later).

The recommended stocking rate for mason bees is one female per two nesting tunnels. For every two females, you should have three males (to make sure your females will be mated).

Cocoon Price: $1.50 per cocoon