Blossom Meadow Honey is raw and unfiltered artisanal honey. Our honeys are gourmet foods best paired with the finest teas, scones, and cheeses, used in sauces to baste prime meats, and drizzled on top of the best ice creams.

Each honey harvest is expressive of the flowers growing on the landscape during that time. In the spring, Blossom Meadow honey is light in color with a light, sweet taste – this is when the crocus, pussy willow, linden, locust, and dandelion wildflowers are blooming. The summer and fall honeys are golden in color with a bit more robust taste, indicative of the honeysuckle, multiflora rose, aster, goldenrod and other fall wildflowers.

Victorian square jar – Medium (0.61 lbs) — $13 each
“Bear on the Go” (2 oz plastic) — $3.75 each



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