We are a small organic farm in Southold NY focused on growing premium berries, making award-winning jam, and raising mason bees. Blossom Meadow Farm was designed with the knowledge that native pollinators pollinate 2-3 times better than honey bees and that more complete pollination of a flower results in higher yields and higher quality berries. To this end, we maintain a tract of grassland and natural areas throughout the farm for native pollinators to live, follow organic growing principles, ensure multiple flower species are blooming throughout the growing season, turn off the lights at night (moths pollinate), plant multiple cover crops a year, and no longer keep honey bee hives.

Goals for the future? Increase our farm’s berry yield, make more jam and entice more folks to become mason bee ranchers. Thank you for supporting our farm – you are a major reason why Blossom Meadow continues to reach new levels of success. 

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Laura Klahre at her farm in Southold
Photo Credit: Randee Daddona