Our award winning jams are concentrated mouth-watering elevations of our farm’s summer berries. With bright and juicy flavor and a thick, spreadable texture, it is no surprise that our preserves have been ranked top in the nation. The jams are handcrafted by us in small batches and the slow-cooking process with no commercial pectin ensures a deep jammy flavor in each jar. We only use Blossom Meadow Farm fruit so our jam production is limited and we sell out each year.

The Red Raspberry Jam is a 2020 Good Food Award Winner and won first place at the 2019 Riverhead Country Fair. The Strawberry Jam is also a 2020 Good Food Award Winner. The Black Raspberry Jam won second place at the 2019 Riverhead Country Fair (it competed with the Red Raspberry!)

Our recipes are simple because great jam should focus on the natural goodness of the fruit.
– Red raspberry jam: red raspberries, cane sugar (non-GMO)
– Strawberry jam: strawberries, fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, cane sugar (non-GMO)
– Black raspberry jam: black raspberries, fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, cane sugar (non-GMO)
There is NO added pectin and NO corn syrup in any of our jams.

We use Mason Canning Jars for our jam and many have wondered why we allow for this extra expense. It all boils down to sustainability. Across the United States, municipal recycling programs are no longer accepting glass due to a change in global recycling markets. Our jars are specially tempered to withstand the heat necessary in the home-canning process. Instead of the landfill, reuse empty Blossom Meadow Farm jars to preserve the bounty of your garden for years to come.

Available retail sizes: 4 ounces net wt ($6.75) and 9 ounces net wt ($13)
Please call (631) 905-9780 for bulk orders.
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