Mason Bee Cocoons

What makes Blossom Meadow Farm’s mason bee cocoons superior? Our mason bees thrive on abundant spring wildflowers and massive fruit trees. Bees that enjoy a diversity of flowers throughout the season are healthier. We also practice loose cell management. Since we raise the mason bees on eastern Long Island, they are adapted to New York’s climate and conditions (i.e., local genotype).  

Mason bee cocoons differ in size depending on whether they are male or female. Female cocoons are larger as eggs take up more space in their bodies. Mason bees hatch out of their cocoons when the weather hits 50 degrees for three days or more. Males hatch out first and the females a few days later (up to two weeks later).

Important: The recommended stocking rate for mason bees is one female per two nesting tunnels. For every two female cocoons, you should have three male cocoons (to make sure your females will be mated). For example, the bee cottage available for sale at our store contains 50 six-inch hollow plant stems. The maximum stocking rate of the Blossom Meadow Mason Bee Cottage would be 25 female and 37 male cocoons.

Cocoon reservations are now being taken for the Spring 2024 season – we sell out every year so please get your reservations in soon. Please email us with the exact number of females and exact number of males you would like to reserve (see paragraph above for a guide of how many to reserve). All cocoons are $1.50 each. A confirmation e-mail will be sent back to you within 48 hours. Pickup will be at the end of March at our store in Cutchogue.  We do not ship cocoons through the mail.

Cocoon Price: $1.50 per cocoon

Male Mason Bee, Newly Emerged from a Cocoon
Male Mason Bee, newly emerged from a cocoon