January 2022

What is a Fully Shielded Light Fixture?

The following excerpt from the Flagstaff Arizona Code details the differences between full shielded, partially shielded, and unshielded fixtures. These definitions are universal. Flagstaff Arizona Code; Division 10-80.20: Definition of Specialized Terms, Phrases, and Building Functions Fixture, Fully Shielded: A light fixture or luminous tube constructed and mounted such that all light emitted by the fixture or tube,… Read more What is a Fully Shielded Light Fixture?

Switch to Amber Light

Why Amber Light? Blue/white light creates more light pollution than any other light spectrum. For your exterior lighting needs, switch to amber* colored light for a warm soft glow and full cutoff** light fixtures equipped with motion detectors. The benefits are numerous!   Try CREE Lighting Smart LED Bulbs – program them to 2200K and… Read more Switch to Amber Light